About NEO

It is an organization created by a group of Professionals, Nature and Photography lovers, with a common goal, "Show and conserve our natural heritage".



Our History

The origins of NEO go back to 2016, when 2 “crazy brothers" & nature lovers, decided to create a “dream”, that mixed what seemed to be an conservation NGO and a tourism company, in order to support amphibian and reptile research, and use photography as a tool to show their beauty.

A year later, after having finely polished the purposes and expanded the ideals and the team, this great dream finally became a lifestyle, thus NeoSelva was born; a company that seeks, through photography and responsible nature tourism, to support directly environmental conservation.

Our Ethic

All our activities are developed under a responsibility approach, taking actions that help preventing environmental impacts on the local flora and fauna.

In addition, our trips, our photography, our visiting sites, our team and our groups of clients, are aligned towards respect for nature, for local culture and have a responsible and sustainable vision of tourism.

Team NEO

Our team is made up of great friends and nature lovers, who widely support environmental conservation through photography, educational programs and sustainable tourism activities.

Paolo Escobar

Co-founder and specialized guide. Passionate photographer and nature lover.


Nick Pezzote

Creator of the ideal NeoSelva. Conservationist and honorary member of the team NEO.

Carla Rodriguez

Researcher and chief operations officer. Ecotourism specialist and naturalist.

Javier Aznar

Biologist and artist. Wildlife Photographer award-winning and Tour Leader.


Conservation Friends

These are our friends and allies for nature conservation.

Cerro Blanco

It is an organization that protects and rehabilitates a representative sample of biodiversity of the Ecuadorian tropical dry forest, fostering public awareness and appreciation for its conservation.


Located in the Choco biodiversity “hot spot”, on the edge of the Valley of Illinizas, El Jardin de los Sueños offers an original ecoturism site designed to raise sensivity to the environment and to encourage an abiding respect for nature.

Vida Silvestre

It is an organization that supports and promotes projects focused on the conservation and management of wildlife and flora, as well as education on environmental, social and community development issues.


Third Millennium Alliance is a conservation organization dedicated to protect the last remnants of rainforest in coastal Ecuador and to empower local communities to restore what has been lost.

Environmental Education

Much of our efforts are focused on supporting and developing environmental education programs, which seek to raise awareness about nature conservation, mainly of the most threatened ecosystems.

JDLS Herping Guide

The Herping Guide of JDLS, is a field guide that contains all the basic information about the 95 herpetofauna species recorded in this beautiful Chocoan forest. Its main objective is to be an environmental education tool for local people, and for all those who want to learn about this fascinating world, promoting its protection.