Our main goal is leaving a natural legacy for humanity

NeoSelva is an organization created by a group of friends, nature lovers and tourism specialists, whose main goal is leaving a natural legacy for humanity.

Aware of the necessity of conserving the biodiversity of Ecuador, Neoselva joined ideas, efforts, abilities, and above all, an enormous passion for nature, resulting in a revolutionary project: Responsible tourism, friendly to the environment, local communities and their customers.

Our pillars are: Tourism, a sustainable tourism in which conservation, tourism and society are equally aligned. Photography, as a tool for environmental awareness and communication. Conservation, through Environmental Education, sustainable tourism and support to local development projects.

Why NeoSelva?

We are a family with a clear goal, to support Environmental Conservation. By traveling with us, you are contributing to the development of small but important projects in which the main goal will be the nature conservancy through environmental education. In addition, you will help us promote environmental and touristic projects with partner organizations aligned to our goals, since a percentage of our sales goes directly to them. Moreover, all our tours are properly planned, and have the best professionals, so that you have an amazing and enriched experience around Ecuador.

Our Team


CEO, Specialized guide and Nature photographer.


Administrative Director, Specialized Guide and Video Producer


Honorary Member of the Neo Family. Principal manager of NeoSelva's dream.


Biologist and awarded professional nature photographer. Emerging member of the iLCP and Ambassador Sony. Contributor of NeoSelva.


Neoselva Specialized Guide, Naturalist Guide of Galápagos and Dive Master.


Neoselva Sales Agent in the United Kingdom and Europe


Neoselva Sales Agent in Rusia and Europa


Neoselva specialized guide. Birdwatching guide.


Neoselva Sales Agent in Argentina.


Learn about the tireless work and the projects that these wonderful people do for environmental conservation. Contact them and join their causes.

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Bosque Protector Cerro Blanco


Fundación Vida Silvestre Ecuador