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Discover the natural wonder of our country, its magical places and incredible biodiversity that are waiting for you.

Three Worlds Tour

Enjoy our principal tour and adventure by discovering the diversity of amphibians and reptiles that these three regions offer. If you enjoy the biodiversity of the tropics, the observation of herpetofauna, and photographing nature, this is the trip you were waiting for! The Andes with their fantastic cloud forests, the Ecuadorian coast with its incomparable Chocó, and the Amazon with its infinite jungles that will become your home during 10 incredible days. Our guides are photography professionals and specialists about amphibians and reptiles. Your satisfaction is guaranteed! Take the plunge!

Personalize Your Own Tour

Do you have specific requests? We offer you the best options possible, in the most perfect places, and with the best staff.

Tell us what you would like to explore. What would you like to see? What places would you like to visit? We guarantee that your trip will be unforgettable. Let us know!

Laguna Grande Cuyabeno


If you are a lover of nature photography, learn with the best talent who are extremely passionate about it as well. Enjoy the classes in an enthralling atmosphere and practice in the best of natural settings. Improve your technique, process a photo like a professional, better understand your photography equipment and learn about the “perfect image”. Take the plunge!

Photographic Workshops Beach
Photographic Workshops Practice
Photographic Workshops Nature

Tropical Ecology Courses

Live the essence of our tropical forests and learn about their ecology and dynamics. Understand the importance of their conservation and enjoy their landscapes. The best way to cement your knowledge gained in class is to utilize it in the field, and what better way than by submerging yourself in the natural and biodiverse wonders of our country? Come to Ecuador! We will take care of all the organization of your trip, from the logistics to the trip design. Let us know!

Ceiba Yasuni Tropical Ecology Courses